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 With over 20 years of proving the best lawn care services in the Seacoast region, you can trust that Allegro Lawn will get the job done right.

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Allegro Lawn is proud to offer a quick online quote for any service and will send one of our technicians to verify and address any current issues with the lawn in question.

Lawn Care in Dover

As they say, time is the one thing you can never get back. So the question when it comes to lawn care it becomes: “Is this how I want to spend my time?” If the answer for you is “No,” then Allegro Lawn is your easy solution to spending more time doing what really matters to you!

When you partner with Allegro for lawn care in Dover, you can expect:

  • A choice of 3 distinct lawn care programs.
  • Courteous and thorough service.
  • Free inspections for all services.
  • Local care from local technicians.
  • Access to our easy online payment portal.
  • And more!

The Right Program for Everyone

We understand that no 2 yards are the same, so we offer multiple lawn care programs to suit the needs and preferences of every customer in Dover. Whether you like more attention to detail, more environmentally friendly service, or more laid-back lawn care, we have the program for you!

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*Allegro Lawn does not offer mowing or landscaping services at this time.*
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Aeration and Seeding in Dover

By the time autumn rolls around, your yard has been through a lot, from play and foot traffic, to severe weather. Aeration and overseeding is one of the simplest ways you can give your lawn a leg up, prepare it for the winter, and improve its overall health. These services give your lawn room to breathe and fresh start.

Aeration and overseeding benefit your turf by:

  • Reducing soil compaction from foot traffic.
  • Facilitating deeper root growth.
  • Enhancing access of water and nutrients to roots.
  • Increasing the density of your grass, helping to naturally outcompete weeds.
  • Combating thatch buildup (dead grass that keeps water from soaking in).
  • Increasing water absorption, decreasing runoff.
  • Deepening the green hue of your lawn.

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Weed Control in Dover

Weeds aren’t only unsightly, but they also directly compete with your grass for water, nutrients, and root space underneath the soil. Tearing out weeds yourself runs the risk of disrupting root networks of surrounding grass, not to mention weeds will often regrow if they’re not killed entirely or if seeds get scattered in the pulling process. Our weed control services target weeds seasonally for the most effective results. 

When you choose Allegro lawn as your weed control company in Dover, you can expect:

  • Pre and post-emergent treatment for broadleaf weeds like dandelions and clover.
  • Preventative application in the spring before broadleaf season hits.
  • Pre and post-emergent treatments for summer annuals.
  • Crabgrass control options to be applied in the summer.
  • Treatments to eliminate invasive nutsedge.

Our knowledgeable technicians are equipped to answer your questions and explain treatments every step of the way. At Allegro, we know that weed control starts with healthy grass, and we’re willing to do what it takes to get rid of weeds and give you a lush, resilient lawn.

Trust in 20 Years of Experience

Two decades of lawn care have taught us a lot about delivering quality lawn care and customer service for the Seacoast region. Entrusting your turf to Allegro means that those 20 years (and counting!) of experience goes to work for you!

5 Star Review

Awesome, love it !!

Jim O'Neill
5 Star Review

As a real estate broker and property manager for the past 40 years I can say that my relationship with this company has been phenomenal. We’ve been using allegro personally and professionally for over 20 years on multiple properties. They have always delivered their services on time and we love their communication. The value of their service is exceptional, I learned long ago that their lawn programs are far more economical than for me to do it myself. Our lawns look fantastic!!

Marcel Bartley
5 Star Review

Have been with the company for many years and always had a very positive experience and green lawn. Referred to other home owners in my family and friends

Dan Witham

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*Allegro Lawn does not offer mowing or landscaping services at this time.*